Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to own an Indian Motorcycle to be a member of the I.O.A.?

Yes, this is a requirement that is unique in the community. All members of the I.O.A. voted on this and the majority held that the association would be limited to riders who own an Indian (any year) motorcycle

How much is membership?

Membership is $50 for the rider and $25 for an associate (spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend). The rider’s membership includes a small front vest patch and large backpatch. The passenger membership includes a front vest patch. Both memberships grant voting rights and full disclosure of the association’s financial status, as well as access to the Member’s Forum. Payment can be made via PayPal at

It is helpful to select the “Friends and Family” option when making payment. The association is a 501C (7) with our preferred charity the Shriner’s Hospital of St. Louis. No member or officer profits in the organization.

What all comes with membership?

Once accepted, you will receive an I.O.A. backpatch for your jacket, a small patch for a vest and a rocker showing year of joining. Additionally, you will immediately be given member privileges to the forum, voting rights, and the opportunity to serve as an officer if so desired.

I can't login to the forum - what next?

Please contact Mike Kugler immediately and he will get any issues you have resolved. He can be reached via e-mail at  or via telephone at 417 338 2849.

Is there anywhere else besides the forum where members meet up?

Without a doubt, the preferred place to share information is on the I.O.A. Facebook page. It is highly active and great for last minute information. You need to ask for permission to join the group, but generally speaking approval is given in less than 24 hours.