7th Annual Hot Springs Indian Motorcycle Get Together

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Rides, friendship, food, help. Everything the I.O.A. is meant to be.

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Hot Springs
Fall Fest

Come September, the looming reality that winter will soon be here gives all the urgency for one last party to close out the year. Thus was born the Hot Springs Indian Motorcycle Get Together

Open to everyone, riders from across the nation converge on Hot Springs for a blowout party that is now in its 7th year. Covering 5 days and 4 nights, guests are treated to great tours of the middle of America on some of the best roads through our nations forest you will find anywhere. Numerous photo ops are scheduled into the rides along with plenty of rest stops along the way. Great local restaurants have already been identified to ensure you leave with nothing but great memories and a stretched belt line.

Sure, we have gatherings throughout the year that can range from spontaneous to “slightly” planned but nothing beats a great send off like getting together one last time before freezing temps set in.

Settled right in the hills of the Ozarks – the Hot Springs Rally is designed to bring Indian Motorcycle riders in for friendship and fun. Unline the Branson Rally which is sometimes referred to as a “Rocking Chair Rally”, the Hot Springs Rally will put 100s of miles on your scoot. 😀 Be prepared to do a LOT of riding over the 5 days. (1500 miles is not uncommon)

Byron and Cendy Efird go overboard to make sure that everyone has nothing but the best of times while in Hot Springs and it shows by the growth of the event.

Winter SUCKS!